Get Excited for the 2014 ITM 500!

One of the most exciting components of the industry in which we are involved, is motorsports. We know we are not the only ones that get revved up just as much as the V8 Supercars for an exciting event such as this one. The race is set to take place in April as the high-powered v8 cars compete in a head-to-head competition. What makes this race truly special is the rivalry that it exposes and maximizes on.

What Happens When We Recycle Batteries?

There are a number of reasons why it is important to recycle your old batteries. Batteries cannot just be tossed in the garbage or placed in a dump because of the threats they pose to their chemical contents pose to the environment. Secondly, almost 97% of the lead contents of a battery can be recycled and used again. Battery recycling is not only eco-friendly, but it is economical, as well. There are four major recycle components that make up the battery, each through its own process.

Extend Battery Life With Correct Storage

To get the most out of your automotive battery, it must be stored properly. Doing so can extend its shelf life and help it last longer. After being stored for approximately 13 weeks or longer, batteries begin to slowly lose their charge. The longer they stay dormant, they weaker they become. Failing to maintain a stored battery can lead to performance issues once you decide to put them to use. If you are storing your battery in higher temperatures, you can expect the rate of charge loss to be even faster.